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S Slottje (AKA Saskia) is the author of the flintlock fantasy novel, Wayward Wings.

Wayward Wings is a dragon adventure story for fans of immersive worlds with unconventional female leads. If you enjoy the likes of the Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb, the flintlock adventure in the works of Naomi Novik, or the Cider Spire series by Jim Butcher, there is a good chance Wayward Wings will become a beloved addition to your reading list.

cover of wayward wings book

Dragon Caizhiu the Wayward relishes her life as monster hunter for hire. However, when she emerges from her latest iteration cocoon, her increased size makes it difficult to assume a human guise. Without that, humans consider her a monster.

Before she can adjust to her larger body, a Keeper of Sinuation hires her to bring a lowly human to justice. Caizhiu doesn’t know why Ozcahar is wanted by the powerful being, and she doesn’t care. Sinuation is the power that alters dragons, and if there is a chance the Keeper can direct it to restore her size, Caizhiu will take it. Besides, how hard can it be to catch one little human?

But finding her target is only the start of Caizhiu’s trouble. Caught between humans and monsters, the lines between friend and foe blur. If she wants to save not just herself, but also Ozcahar, she must accept that humans aren’t as feeble as she believed. And life is not as simple.

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